Battle Pope: The Power Of Christ Compels You To Kick Ass
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Site contributor Nick Hishmeh gives his thoughts on a series that is definitely for fans of cult comic books and the not-easily-offended...
Sadly, most people don�t think that comic books are an art form or legitimate literature. Some think that comics are too violent and are only about ridiculous, over the top characters with superpowers and tights that are based around child-like fantasy. It never occurs to them that comics are just another form of storytelling, that some series like "Y: The Last Man", "DMZ", and "Preacher" are landmarks that further the credit and respect of the comic book industry. "Battle Pope," however, is not like those previously mentioned. It is exactly what the majority of people think about when they think about comics in terms of context� but by God it is one of the funniest books I�ve read in a while.

The premise is simple enough. The current pope is a cigar smoking, hard liquor drinking, womanizing bastard that was trained in martial arts by Bruce Lee and knows his way around a gun. While enjoying all the pleasures that life can offer, the Rapture takes place and God appears in the sky. As he goes through the list of the good people that can ascend into Heaven, he excludes his holiness. So living in his shame as the forces of Hell ascend upon Earth and mankind looks to the angel general Micheal to protect them from the hordes of demons, the Pope spends his time in a bar drinking.

After he saves a damsel in distress from a hell spawn, they go to a hotel room to start banging, but the demon comes looking for revenge and kills the pope. This is not the end of the story. After his death, God appears to him and tells him that Lucifer is on Earth, has captured Micheal, and that the Pope has to save him with new powers and weapons. To top it all off he gets extra help by having Jesus Christ as his side kick, the martyr always wearing a Hawaiian T-shirt.

The story is very straight forward and very fun. If you don�t mind being sacrilegious then this is the book for you. For the most part the comedy is more along the lines of a buddy cop flick and absurdist humor. The novelty of having the Pope being a badass and Jesus a hapless loser might have worn off after a while, but the writer, Robert Kirkman, manages to keep it fresh with the other outrageous characters. Most of the characters are not fully developed, deep, or three dimensional, but it�s a comedy. They are meant to be there for entertainment. Even the art style, which was re-done and re-colored for the new release, is drawn vibrantly and bright, which is indicative of comedy. The outrageously drawn bodies and proportions are done to great effect. Not to mention some of the more imaginative panels, such as what Hell is like and that the action doesn�t feel stagnate.
Overall, this wasn�t the greatest comic ever printed (that is possibly reserved for Watchmen); it is however a fun read, especially if you enjoy action and action parody.

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