Gather Ye Fantastiks
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The realm of the fantastic is much more than an area of idle fascination to some people. There are individuals out there whose passion for all things magical drives them to study its finer points in order to gain more knowledge, all the while learning to appreciate it that much more. With today's plethora of high-tech media and gadgets, though, some of the great milestones and treasures of the past may slip by unnoticed. But those individuals out there who have fallen in love with slithering aliens, towering Cyclops, and lumbering bogeymen seek to educate today's generation on the rich history of all things fantastic. That's where the Fantastic Culture Preservation Society comes into play.
Created by John W. Morehead of Theofantastique, the FCPS is a growing network of fans who are spreading the word on the creepy culture of yesteryear. The current number of group members on the Facebook page is sitting at 140. But I know for a fact that there are many, many fantasy lovers out there, sitting in the shadows, who have not heard the mighty call just yet. Citizens, lend me your ears!
The FCPS is a fun group to be a part of. Talk about your favorite fantastic passions on the discussion board. Watch some of the insightful videos that are regularly posted (and add one yourself!). But most importantly, get the word out! Let others know that there is a group out there that truly loves and honors this culture. New members are always welcome. Join us now and become one of the bloody masses. All the cool kids are doing it.
The Fantastic Culture Preservation Society Facebook Page
Just something to get you into that nice, spooky mood. Here continueth my Price kick...

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