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If you're like me, I pity you you probably have a taste for comic books. Your eyes immediately light up with glee at the sight of those garishly colored panels and you're suddenly overcome by the urge to burrow beneath the folds of your blanket and read the book by the shaky glow of a flashlight as your Mom slowly strolls down the hallway outside to make sure you're safely tucked into bed.
What? That second part only applies to me? Well this just got embarrassing...
Either way, my mission today is to indulge both of our hungers with a little terror tale from panels past that I hope you enjoy as much as I did when I first read it. This doozy is ripped from the May issue of Adventures Into Terror, #19 specifically. Our story is called "The Girl Who Couldn't Die" and, though the title isn't very original*, the tale itself has a few nice surprises in store for the unwary reader. It's one of our most beloved tropes: the slightly cuckoo scientist who gives God the middle finger and sets out on a mission to toil with Forbidden Powers and reanimate his Lost Beloved. That knockout cover alone would be enough to elevate this one to greatness (though to be perfectly honest with you, it never happens in the story).
*With old time radio alone you can't spit without hitting an episode that claimed that someone or another "...Couldn't Die" or involved someone who "...Died Twice" or possessed "...X Amount Of Lives." Believe me, I've tried.
Granted, if readers tend to like this type of feature I'd be happy to post more stories in the future. Though with such magnificent giants in the field such as Karswell keeping the rabid masses happy with his definitive blog The Horrors Of It All, I can see how these types of posts might be considered "obsolete." Still, if you like what you see, just be sure to say so. Get out the tissue box for this one, kids. It's a real rom-com!

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