Slaughter Bells: A Video Carol For Christmas!
0 comment Saturday, May 17, 2014 |
Two months ago I celebrated Halloween by honoring one of my most treasured horror film characters of all time, the Wolf Man, by creating this fan video (as seen HERE) as a tribute of sorts to the furry guy who gave me so many wonderful cinematic memories. Now that the beloved holiday of Christmas has finally arrived to much personal joy and excitement, I submit another of my creations, this time as an appreciation to the one and only Tod Slaughter, whose unmatched villainy has given me hours upon hours of fun and endless good cheer.
On this note I'd like to officially bring the Tod Slaughter Christmas blogathon to a close. A tremendous thank you to all the wonderful contributors and those of you who took the time to read the posts made during the week. I can only ardently hope that someone who never knew of this wonderful man before the blogathon has taken away something and now seeks to watch Tod's films with as much demented enthusiasm as the kind he filled his performances with. If there was at least one person who was affected in such a way, then this event has fully met its purpose. So let's watch this video together, in true brother- and sisterhood, and relive the moments that made the world love Tod Slaughter. And of course...

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