The Legacy Of The Wolf
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The time of Halloween is finally upon us, my dear friends. Now is the time of arcane rituals, performed under the light of the gibbous moon. Such profane acts as getting down with our bad selves in the guises of demons and monsters. So, since you have so kindly come knocking at my door this All Hallow's Eve, I'll be putting a special treat in your bags this year. There won't be any pennies or rocks handed out here. Instead this is something I've made myself. I hope that you'll like it.
Many of you know of my fascination with those woolly beasts of the supernatural called werewolves. And as we saw in last week's post on My Top 20 Essential Horror Films, it was Universal's lycanthropic classic The Wolf Man that set me on the path of fur'n'fangs cinema. So after recently becoming intrigued by the concept of video editing, I thought it only fitting that my first experiment would be a tribute to Lawrence Talbot, that poor, damned soul whose story enchanted this horror fan for years as a boy. And to this day I still love him. I hope that love will be apparent in my offering for today. So it is on this Halloween night that I dedicate this video to Lon Chaney Jr. and his immortal monster.
And of course to all of you, the readers, thanks for all your continued support. But, most importantly...

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