A Time For Tricksters
0 comment Wednesday, March 26, 2014 |
Well, here we are everyone. Just a mere two weeks away from that most treasured of holidays, the time of the year that gets the fangs of every horror fan salivating with odious delight. That's right, Halloween is just around the corner. As most of you have seen (or are in the process of doing so yourselves), there are many fine blogs out there who are devoting each and every day to horror/Halloween-related coverage right up until the 31st. The blogosphere is rife with the All Hallow's spirit, its scent filling the air like the rotting innards of a jack o'lantern on November 13th. I myself have opted out of doing the whole post-a-day bit, as much as I'd really like to. But I sadly lack the time and overall confidence that anybody would keep up with my insane spouts of gibberish for 31 days straight.
But what I do have for all of you marvelous maniacs is a little peek into the human condition (OOOH! Aren't we sophisticated?). Halloween is a time for many, many treats for us horror fans, but what about the other half of that little mantra? The "trick" aspect of Halloween is probably demonstrated no better than in the beloved scare prank. I adore these unabashedly. A simple element of surprise, varying levels of shock and fright, and one brilliant person who decided to film the entire thing. What better cathartic experience can we get than laughing at other poor souls screaming their heads off? So I bring to you today, in all its warped glory, the Art of the Scare Prank...

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