Slaughter Linkapalooza: December 23
0 comment Thursday, March 27, 2014 |
Cheers, depraved maniacs! After getting over the hump day yesterday, my fellow bloggers have come back stronger than ever with their Slaughter support this chilly winter's eve. Here are tonight's contributions from some of your favorite faces in fear...!
The mad Dr. Morbius is at again in her mountain-based den of devilry Krell Laboratories! This time she's delving into another one of the more obscure Slaughter titles with her The Ticket of Leave Man review! Read her criticisms and, if you'd like to check the film out for yourself, then watch the thriller in its entirety as kindly provided by the doctor! Isn't the internet wonderful?
Weird Clubhouse Leader Rondal Scott of the wonderfully nostalgic blog Strange Kids Club lends his talents to his contribution, a review of Tod's cinematic swan song about grave robbers and murders Horror Maniacs a.k.a. The Greed of William Hart! See what the savvy Scott has to say about the slimy snatchers!
Long-time friend and supporter (and all around awesome dude) The Mike from one of FBD's favorite hangouts From Midnight, With Love provides a telling confession and follows it up with his delighted first impressions of the Slaughter favorite The Demon Barber of Fleet Street! A touching meeting with Toddy's films if I ever saw one!
That's all the reading material for you to chew on tonight. The week may be almost over but be sure to keep your eyes posted for more goodies to come within the next two days. You still have time to write a piece if you so choose; whether you already have (and I stupidly missed you) or if you're planning to, email me at joemonster25 [at] yahoo [dot] com! Have a good night's sleep, and be sure not to let the barbers bite!