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Call me a glutton for punishment. When I heard about the White Elephant blogathon through the esteemed Dr. Morbius of Krell Laboratories, I knew that the only sane thing for me to do was participate with all due haste.
The gist of the matter is that bloggers submit the title of a movie to be reviewed by other bloggers participating in the event. You toss a movie into the pot and get someone else's suggestion, see? The catch is, these tend to be HORRIBLE movies. Whether the bloggers are suggesting underrated gems that are disliked by 90% of society or are maliciously submitting notoriously atrocious pieces of garbage (like I did), chances are somebody's gonna be feeding their eyes with the cinematic equivalent of sauerbraten. After watching said brain hemorrhage-inducing movies, the bloggers write up their reviews and post them on April 1st for everyone to see.
Sounds like fun, right?
After I suggested up my film (a shit-smeared hors d'ouevre called Diary of a Cannibal whipped up by that bastard chef Ulli Lommel), I received my death sentence assigned film from moderator Paul in the form of an independent gem right from the thick of the 90's called Amateur. I'm purposefully not looking too much into the movie before I watch it, but I have seen the trailer which I now offer here:
Well, I'm excited. Although the movie doesn't necessarily gel with the atmosfear of this particular blog, I'd be a rather bad sport to decline from the proceedings just on a matter of genre. So be expecting my thoughts on this ditty come April Fool's Day. I hope you'll be there to hold my hand.

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