Like Horror Movie Reviews? Like Writing Them Even More? Get A Ticket To
The Blood Theatre!
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Step right up, folks, step right up! Here we have a horror website that is guaranteed to send your flesh a-tremblin' and your bones a-groanin' or your money back! The Blood Theatre, having once prospered as a resource for horror cinema with countless reviews and articles, unfortunately languished after having several technological issues a few years ago. Its premature death took with it the dozens and dozens of horror film reviews that it had grown on from the hard work of its deadicated writers.
But hope soon sprung eternal! Just this past March The Blood Theatre tore itself from the grave with a vengeance, a thirst for all things creepy managing to resurrect it once more. Now its stage is dusty and bare, the moth-eaten curtains bristling with the breeze of ghosts long dormant. And now it hungers for nothing more than the blood of innocents and a fresh batch of talented, eager, and determined writers to fill its gory resume to the brim with top-notch horror film reviews and insights.
If you are interested in writing for this awesome site, follow the link and take a look around the place. More information on submissions and sending querys to theatre proprietor Matthew T. can be discovered in the site's yellowing pages. The Blood Theatre has the potential to become something great again but it needs YOUR help to do so! Please lend a helping hand if you can spare one. Do what any good-natured zombie would do!

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