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Just a few quick bits of information for you to nibble on for a midnight snack this Wednesday evening.
Firstly, I'd like to thank the lovely Jinx over at Totally Jinxed who recently awarded me with the Zombie Rabbit Award to recognize my humble space in the web. As always, I'm greatly honored by her disturbingly public displays of affection. Jinx has to be one of the most unique people I've had the pleasure of "meeting" over the Internet and a trip to her blog always proves to be filled with laughs, sea monsters, lots of alcohol, and adorable kittens. If that's not a recommendation to get you to mosey on over to her place, then I don't what is.
Alas, if one is to accept the most prestigious Zombie Rabbit Award, they must be willing to pass it on to other blogs that they love. Although there are tons of horror blogs out there I'd like to include, I think it's important that I say some things in regards to these places that I like to visit on a regular basis. So pardon me if my reverences sound like the dialogue from a preteen romance starring Channing Tatum, but I'd like to spread the brotherly love like smooth, smooth peanut butter over the wrinkled, elderly body that is the Internet...

Too Much Horror Fiction (Will's site is THE place as far I'm concerned to go for all your paperback horror needs. His knowledge of these dusty tomes of terror is mind-boggling at times and his thoughts on the genre as a whole are always fascinating and extremely intelligent. A haven for bibliophiles, antiquarians, and other lovers of the macabre printed upon yellowing pages.)
From Midnight, With Love (The Mike, esteemed owner of FMWL, is incredible. And by that I mean incredibly awesome. Mike has been one of the fastest friends I've made during my blogging exploits, and it's not hard to see why. He's incredibly funny and witty... so much so that some of the ideas behind his posts are so ingenious that I grow jealous not having thought of them myself. A true lover of genre entertainment, Mike's blog continues to be a place that I hold near and dear to my depraved heart.)
Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies (Lord Almighty, is it possible for me to go to this place without having proverbial milk squirt out of my nostrils? If you think you've seen incredibly cheesy and trashy cinema, you'll find out that you haven't even licked the surface of that greasy pile. The Vicar and Duke espouse HILARIOUS commentary on these hidden (sometimes thankfully so) gems that they write about with absolute finesse and charm. An instant cure for a manic Monday or whatever weekday of insanity you may be having.)
The Vault Of Horror (B-Sol's den of all things great is pretty much legendary amongst bloggers. To a lot of people it seems to be the pinnacle of horror blogging, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that's exactly what it is for me as well. Brian's writing is always clear and professional, his knowledge and pure enthusiasm for the genre shining through every one of his posts. Always on top of the latest in news and events, something that I don't even TRY to attempt, The Vault of Horror also provides insightful and completely fun film reviews and too many other goodies to name. Truly one of the best writers out there highlighting the facets of terror culture.)
Strange Kids Club (Visiting Strange Kids Club is like finding a lost but loved token from your childhood in the cramped spaces of an attic. Whether it's a rubbery Frankenstein mask or an old VHS of your favorite Saturday morning cartoon, it envelopes you in that warm, fuzzy hold that only sweet nostalgia can give to you. Rondal's blog serves as a literal clubhouse for all us kids whose tastes lean more towards the bizarre and off-kilter. He even posts about modern oddities and curiosities, inviting a whole new generation of strange kids to join in on the fun.)
Zombos' Closet Of Horror (John Cozzoli has just about one of the most addicting blogs it's been my pleasure to have run into. The man is simply unstoppable and writes about every horror-related topic you can imagine. Films, literature, comics, television, toys, events, you name it. You can instantly tell that this is the lair of someone who has truly fallen in love with the horror genre, every single aspect it. It's both an immense joy and a humbling experience to read his blog, and it's one I've looked to for inspiration on many a moonlit night.)
Radiation-Scarred Reviews (This one is actually more of a recent find, but it has won my heart just as quickly as any of my long-time favorites. Bill's blog is a bare-bones review site, hardly a picture or video to be seen anywhere. But you'll soon find out that none of those things matter. Bill's writing is completely hypnotic and his passion for all genre cinema, whether it be good or bad, is die-hard and unflinching. The rate at which these brilliantly detailed reviews come out is enough to baffle. A great place to go to hear some wonderful commentary from an avid fan and find some juicy new films to dig into in the process.)
Yes, I know that the award requires ten sacrifices, but I'm feeling a little placid today. My ceremonial dagger hand is a tad rusty anyhow. I don't require any of the respective blogs listed here to make similar posts in turn. My point wasn't to "tag" any of them. I merely wanted to express my honest admiration and love for every single one of them. They all influence me in their own ways and inspire me to become a better writer. I don't expect my blog to become as great as theirs, but I really can't thank them enough for providing me with such a fun and engaging experience thus far. Congratulations to all you amazing people and may you keep on keepin' on.
By the way, doesn't the name Zombie Rabbit bring this utterly disturbing commercial to mind?

In other news, I recently struck up a collaboration with U.K.-based comics artist Kel Winser ( in which we plan to bring an old character of mine to life. Alan Markham is a detective working in the rough-and-tumble streets of the noirish city he lives in... and just so happens to slay demons, monsters, and other forces of darkness. He is constantly haunted by thoughts of from whence he came and has many flashes back to a time in his life that he can hardly remember.

In his journey to discover his identity, he is accosted by a mysterious, Harley-driving figure known simply as The Wanderer and must match wits with nemesis French detective Rene Vant. Markham must battle a whole ghastly gallery of fiends and villains including the likes of Spring-Heeled Jack, Vincent Van Gore, The Red Raven, hatchet mongers, Hollywood vampires, voodoo kings, and even Ol' Scratch himself!
Our ultimate goal is to pitch the series to Image Comics once we have a solid storyline developed and a few tales completed, but that will probably take some time. I'm excited to get this character the attention he deserves, as Markham has been a pet project of mine for some time. Stay posted for any future updates on the adventures and trials of Markham: Paranormal Investigator.

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