Welcome To Frrrright Night!
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For real.
Hey there, creepy kids. Yet another week of The Lucky 13 has come to pass. On this occasion, the crews at Vault of Horror and Brutal As Hell have collaborated to discuss their favorite films within the genre of VAMPIRES! That's right, those bloodsucking fiends who we all love (and at times hate) have been brought forth from their molding crypts for a little examination.
As you can tell from the post title and image, I chose Fright Night for my undead pick (I think From Midnight, With Love's The Mike shall be pleased). You can check me out talking about the classic HERE at the Vault of Horror.
And be sure you fly your bat wings over to Brutal As Hell where they offer vampires of both the deep and purely fun nature.
Another fun week of the summer-long The Lucky 13! Be sure to get your gray matters ready for next week when we talk about our favorites in Psychological Horror! Caray-zaaay!

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