Attention All Horror Bloggers: The Dementia Is Upon Us!
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Can you feel it? Tingling in your brain? Rumbling in your bowels? Making you feel uncomfortable in regions of your body that we can't disclose to our PG-13 audience?
It's the dark, shambling approach of Demented Dialogues! No, say it isn't so! Anything but that! The horror! The humanity! It's a fate worse than death. For the love of Cheez Whiz tell me that it hasn't come to this...
Wait, what are Demented Dialogues? Well I'm glad I asked myself that question. Demented Dialogues is a new feature that will be premiering soon at From Beyond Depraved. As the name would suggest, it is a correspondence between myself and other horror fans in the format of an interview where we talk about their love for the genre and other deep and not-so-deep stuff. The area of coverage is broad: film, television, literature, monsters, comic books, Halloween, and anything else you can think of.

I'd like to get as many bloggers as I could to join in on this. The opportunity is open to ANYBODY, no matter how long they've had a horror site in the blogsophere. We can discuss serious issues and topics within the horror genre or just act like complete lunatics. And it isn't restricted to just bloggers; web site owners, writers, musicians, and pretty much anyone with an opinion may participate if they so wish.
If anyone is interested in being interviewed and having their site profiled, be sure to email me at joemonster25 [at] yahoo [dot] com. I already have two interviews lined up with some nefarious characters, the first of which is due to be posted either late this month or early July. Keep your bloodshot eyes peeled for the chaotic introduction of Demented Dialogues! I hope to hear from all you horror fanatics in the future!
If this post didn't stimulate you enough, here's a video of a guy screaming at his cats.

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