Happy Father'S Day!
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Good late afternoon to you, deadly darlings...
I hope that all of you have been enjoying this fine Father's Day with laughs, family warmth, and plenty of alcoholic beverages (please drink responsibly). So I have come today to wish all you pops (and maybe pops-to-be) a great holiday weekend and plenty of cheesy neckties for you to hang yourselves with.
I'm actually quite surprised to see that I appear to be the first horror blogger (out of all the ones I'm following anyway) that has used this little segment from Creepshow as a makeshift greeting card for the holiday. This memorable story did for Father's Day what Halloween did for Halloween, what Black Christmas did for Christmas, and what Are We There Yet? did for thinking about having a family road trip ever again.
Other than the holiday reference (which I realized just yesterday was a happy coincidence), my contribution to the Vault of Horror's and Brutal As Hell's summer feature The Lucky 13 was, you guessed it, Creepshow. The subgenre of this week's examination? Horror comedies! Some may not instantly connect Creepshow with horror comedy, but in my dark, twisted mind it stands as a milestone of that mini genre. Hell, if you were to catch me at the right moment, I'd tell you that Creepshow was my favorite horror movie of all time. Can you dig it?
You can check out the hilarity at the Vault HERE.
Don't be a Negative Nancy and forget to check out the tubular line up Brutal As Hell has prepared over THERE.
Oh and one more thing. For all of you who read my follow up post to the last installment of The Lucky 13 for Gore Week (which can be seen HERE) I proposed that whoever could guess what my pick for this week was would win a free pony for their efforts. As no one responded with any lucky guesses, it pleases me to inform you all that I was forced to shoot Chester and ship him to the factory to be made into glue. There. Live with that on your conscience.


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