Trailer Terror Tuesday: Darwinism This!
0 comment Wednesday, May 21, 2014 |

Some people enjoy watching puffy clouds blow by on a warm summer day. Others may find joy in the adorable face of a spunky puppy. And yet others may be mesmerized by the hypnotic flames of a roaring campfire.
For me, it's monkeys who decide to go on murderous rampages and stick it to the Man.
Yes, my love for apish assassins is a tad unorthodox, but my admiration for these homicidal beasts of the jungle knows no bounds. Whether they're chattering chimps, mighty gorillas the size of skyscrapers, horrifying hybrids, or even the cryptic cousins who roam the Himalayas and swamps and forests of the good ol' U.S., an irrepressible joy washes over me every time I see the shaggy shenanigans of a pissed-off primate. In this edition of Trailer Terror Tuesday, we get to witness my fetish in all its musky, chest-beating glory of furry madness. Nix the bananas, these bastards want BLOOD!

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