A Warning To The Curious
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If any of you wanderers in darkness out there have noticed that things and stuff have been down to a minimum here at From Beyond Depraved, you're not crazy. All three of you readers may be somewhat saddened to hear that updates will be a bit scarce within the ensuing month or so. Real Life has decided to rear its slavering jaws at me and I unfortunately have to answer its mad moon-howl. But try not to despair too much... I've just installed new carpeting and your tears of blood will just ruin all my hard work. There are, however, some bright and shiny things in the near- and soon-to-be-future that might excite you in your pants...
For starters, although new material might be seen as much as a potion-crazy Claude Rains in these parts, you can always count on my monthly contributions at The Terror Trap and Classic-Horror for my features Chiller of the Month and Cold Reads respectively. I have some neat plans for October, with lumbering sleepwalkers and New England phantoms on my menu for the month.
I have just recently received my very own video editing software and I'm excited as all hell to start using it. I'll be experimenting with making montages and videos, and you can bet your banshee that they'll be horror homages a-plenty in the works that'll be posted here.
In early October, I'll be headed to the funtastical land of Orlando, Florida to attend the Screamfest convention. It will be my first journey ever to a horror convention (gasps of shock and repulsion). I'll be sure to post the details and photos of my adventures in the weeks afterward.
According to Brian at the tremendous blog The Vault Of Horror, The Lucky 13 will be officially resurrected from its freshly dug grave for a stunning return. This time the focus at his digs and Brutal As Hell will be horror films with seasonal and holiday twists. The event will be starting roughly around October and be going on all the way till about New Year's. I hope to contribute pieces to this marathon again and highly encourage all you out there to join in on the fun!
I'll be continuing to have regular Demented Dialogues with all the horror-obsessed bloggers the interwebs have to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for all future installments. And for those of you who still have yet to receive your questions, don't think I forgot about you! I'm just meticulously planning to unleash my ultimate wrath upon you. Yes... oh so slowly. *Strokes cat conveniently placed in lap*
To make up for the psychologically damaging absences that might occur here at FBD, I'll be posting more news about any future writing endeavors that come my way and be putting up some old fiction that everyone is invited to throw rotten produce at.
Oh yeah, and be sure to expect a healthy addition of posts from The Video Vault and Trailer Terror Tuesdays. And a lot of random videos that I may find along the way in my journey to discover the true meaning of life.This seems like a good start...

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